California Dreamin'


    I haven’t shared with all of you my absolute favorite place to go to in all of California. I would tell you its my favorite place in the world but I’ve yet to go to France or Bora Bora so, I’ll keep y’all posted. Drum roll please… its MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA! 


I've been going to Monterey since I was about four years old. My grandpa would buy us season passes to the aquarium and whenever we would head up from San Diego we would try to stop by. It's absolutely beautiful there. I think the central coast of California has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The only down side is that the water is ice cold and most of the time is it partly cloudy, but the cypress trees and cliffs over the ocean are spectacular in any weather.

 To express to you how much I LOVE Monterey I'll tell you a secret; Since I was very little girl my dream has always been to get married in Monterey, over looking the cypress trees and ocean from the cliffs. If I've dreamed about it for so long you know it's gorgeous. 

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 We started the day by driving straight to one of my all time favorite restaurants, Pizza My Heart. Duh, of course I had to get my pizza on, haha. They serve pizza by the slice, so no waiting around for an entire pie to cook and no leftovers to haul around all day. So Good. Then we went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. They have such a huge selection of caramel apples it's hard to choose my favorite. We picked up some chocolate treats for the ride home, and a big Peanut Butter White Chocolate Apple to share.... (I didn't share). 


After a few hours of visiting the shops on Cannery Row we decided to go for a ride down the most beautiful road in Monterey; 17 Mile Drive. A family friend actually has a house there, and let us through the gates for free (usually its about $15 just to drive through the neighborhood). The scenery is out of this world, with slow traffic and plenty of places to stop for photos. When we came to the end of 1 7 Mile Drive, which doesn't seem to actually be 17 miles long, we headed straight for the Bixby Bridge. You may have seen it on the HBO show Big Little Lies or countless other tv shows and movies. The drive there on Hwy 1 is breathtaking as it slithers along the coastline with constant ocean views. The bridge is definitely a tourist destination, and the parking situation illustrates that. Everyone stops to get a pic of this magnificent bridge.


From there we headed home, but made sure to stop at the necessary places.  Yes, we enjoyed some deep fried artichokes from The Giant Artichoke. No, I don't feel guilty about it. Yes we stopped at Casa Da Fruta and bought cinnamon bread. No, I DIDN'T eat it all in one sitting. Don't say that. It was a wonderful trip, and a great day spent with my love.


Monterey will forever be a special place to me and it’s beauty is so captivating.