Canadian Cuisine    

 Lets start with the fact that I ate horribly while in Vancouver and any and all goals of weight loss went out the window when I had The Cactus Club! Man that restaurant was soooooo good and it didn't help that is was directly across the street from our hotel. We ate there for my Birthday and just about once a day every day we were there.


For our first night aka my Birthday dinner we started off with the most delicious Tuna Stack, ocean wise albacore, citrus tamari vinaigrette, nori, sesame, avocado, micro cilantro, wonton chips. It was the most delicious appetizer I have ever had. For my entree I was stuck between two dishes. So, I do what I ALWAYS DO which was ask my waitress, Whats more popular the Spaghettini or the Baja Fish tacos (my sister hates that I do this, she's a waitress and says its the most annoying thing a guest can do). The waitress said, both are very popular but she recommended the Spaghettini and Kobe Style Meatballs with roasted tomato sauce, truffle mushroom cream and fresh ricotta cheese. I was the furthest thing from disappointed. It was the best spaghetti I have ever had, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. To make everything even better than it already was I ordered Frosé, minus the mint leaves (VERY ALLERGIC), and it was so refreshing. Honey Bun went all out and ordered the Millionaire's Cut which included a 7oz AAA filet mignon, white wine sautéed creole jumbo prawns, buttered mashed potatoes, and roasted asparagus. I approved of his dish, too. He let me taste a little bit of everything. That was just night one in Vancouver and night one of The Cactus Club.


Moving on to day two we decided we were going to go to Grouse Mountain. That means we were going to need some breakfast so we headed to a spot someone had recommended called The Bellagio. First let me tell you that Canadians eat breakfast late. It was 10am and no one was out for breakfast for the second day in a row, and they serve breakfast until 2:00 pm! The Bellagio had a decent basic breakfast. Nothing too fancy but if you're looking for inexpensive and bland then it’s for you. I like a very savory breakfast with options so it wasn’t really my cup of tea but needless to say, still good. It was not worthy of a photograph.

For dinner on day two we decided on, you guessed it, The Cactus Club! And this time I came prepared and knew exactly what I wanted, The Baja Fish Tacos, that came with beer battered ocean wise cod, shredded cabbage, chipotle aioli, fire roasted tomato salsa, pickled red onions, jalapeño peppers, sea salted fries (YUM). The fish tacos were so juicy, not spicy and just all around perfect. They are in competition with the fish tacos I had in Maui last year. I haven't enjoyed a fish taco since our trip to Hawaii, nothing had even come close until I sunk my teeth into these! I paired my fish tacos with a Peach Bellini. Very refreshing like the Frosé but it was much sweeter and had some carbonation which was a little weird to me. HB got himself Rob's Crispy Chicken Sandwich with a spicy panko-crusted chicken, swiss cheese, sambal mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. Sounds delicious and clearly he loved it because he didn’t even offer me a bite. He ordered it with a side of truffle frites (how Canadians say fries) instead of regular frites and OH MY GOD SOOOO GOOD!


On the third day we went to The Botanist for breakfast and I was wondering why we hadn’t been going there the entire time. The atmosphere was five stars, the interior designer of that place did an excellent job!!! I ordered the Cinnamon Roll pancakes with icing and maple syrup drizzle. I completely forget what HB got but I have a photo for you I’m sure it tasted amazing as well HAHA! 


Moving on to lunch after our bike ride around Stanley Island. We didn’t want to eat anything too heavy and I wanted to make sure I tasted pizza from Canada before leaving so we went to a place called TAPS and ordered a warm pretzel with beer cheese. The pretzel was so warm and doughy it was delicious. The pizza we ordered came with shredded bacon, pineapple and onions. It was okay. It wasn't the best pizza I have ever had but it wasn’t the worst either. (Fun fact: The worst pizza I have ever eaten, BY FAR, was from Whole Foods.)


Lastly, before I forget, we went to the PNE which is the Vancouver fair for those of you who don’t know. And if it’s one thing Canadians don’t do right, its Lemonade! (YUCK) They literally pour water into a cup toss a half a lemon inside and shake it up then tell you to choose your sweetener on the side if you’d like, "but it’s good on its own" (thats literally what they say). IT’S NOT GOOD ON IT’S OWN, BELIEVE ME! It needs like 10 packets of sugar and even then it still tastes like water with a little bit of lemon pulp (GROSS). So, moving on from the disgusting lemonade I decided to grab some dessert from The Praguery Truck. I got this delicious cinnamon sugar covered pastry cone filled with Nutella and soft was heaven!

Overall, Vancouver had some amazing food! There is a large variety of restaurants, and a Starbucks on every corner. It is a very global city, with cuisines from all over the world. I'm sure theyre all great, and I would have tried them, but I can not overstate just how delicious The Cactus Club was. I can not wait to go back!