Dinner Made Simple

          Food!! We all love it and if you’re anything like me, more often than not it’s something quick, easy, and bad for you. What if I told you that there’s a better and easier option? An option that is healthy and portion controlled?? AND you don’t even need to leave your house?!? Yeah, sounds too good to be true, but its for real.

          For the past two months I’ve been using a meal delivery service called Blue Apron. Every Tuesday they send me a big refrigerated box with everything I need for three meals; ingredients, seasoning, step-by-step recipes, and even pictures. The recipes take about 30-35 minutes from prepping to finishing, and it’s enough for about three people. I know, the recipe says it feeds two but Honey bun and I always have left overs.

          My box arrived right on time, during naptime! So once I’m up and moving I bring it inside haha! I start unloading this weeks box and two of the three recipes for this week caught my eye and I wanted to share them with all of you. The first, a Seared Chicken and Vegetable Ragoût with a side of cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas and potatoes (590 Calories). The second recipe was Shrimp and Fresh Gnocchi with corn, basil and cherry tomatoes (730 Calories). I’ve never had gnocchi so this was a first for me. Ive attached the links to both of the recipes, you just need to click outside the box when it asks for your email. Then scroll down and enjoy!

          When I tell you the box has EVERYTHING you need, I mean it has everything (except salt and pepper), right down to the tablespoons of butter or teaspoons of vinegar. It has made deciding on dinner so simple and effortless. No longer do we have to have the endless back and forth about “What do you want to eat tonight? What do you feel like having?” Nope. Now three nights a week it is decided for us. It’s delivered to our door, prepared in 30 minutes, and we are diving into a dish we would have never come up with ourselves.

          There is no longer any guess work involved in dinner. No missing ingredients. And no trips to the grocery store after work. We are eating full meals, with mains and sides that are flavorful and healthy. The best part is there is always something new and exciting. Each week they offer eight recipes to choose from giving you the freedom to be adventurous or stick to what you know. The menu changes with the season, so all the ingredients are fresh. We are saving time, we are saving money, and we are eating healthy. Oh yeah, and now I can add “Chef” to my resume.