January 2018 - Journey begins....


Here we are one month into 2018 and I’m feeling more motivated than I’ve ever felt. This year started off rough for me, between finding a lump in my breast and finding out my thyroid isn’t working normally (that explains the 30lbs I’ve put on in 3 years). So, I’ve made a decision that I’m going to manage my diet better, workout every day and overall be a healthier person. I thought it would be so much more difficult then it’s turning out to be. If you’re anything like the OLD me, you hate working out, but you love to eat. Lately I’ve been only thinking about the gym all the time. I want to go 2x a day but I’m proud of myself if I can make it at least once for an hour and a half.

Honey Bun has really helped me a lot on this journey. Waking up every morning to make me two eggs sunny side up with one slice of gluten free toast (I used to hate breakfast). On top of that he got us a gym membership thats good for 2 years!! YAY. He’s always making sure I write everything down in my ‘Lose it’ app. If you are not familiar with the app here’s how it works; First you put in your goal, whether it be losing 1lb a week, two or three. Then it explains how many calories you’re allowed per day. You can then sync your Apple Watch or Fit Bit and it figures out how much exercise you’ve done and how many calories you’re allowed or not allowed. It’s genius.

It also helps to NOT do this alone. Have your friends join in and you can encourage each other, or even compete. I love a good competition so I added my Mom, Honey Bun and my friend Jenna on my fitness sharing through the Apple Watch. When any of us finish a workout it notifies the other (if they have notifications on). Jenna is a huge encourager always sending a message once I’m done!! My mom, too. She will send me something saying, “slow down! How can I catch up!?”. Last week I went to the gym 2x in one day and burned 1,325 calories!!!! Talk about KILLIN’ IT! 

They say, it takes 30 days for something to become a habit and I’m almost there, more than half way. I’m more than ready to go on my vacation this summer about 30lbs lighter. So grab your favorite pair of APL’s and yoga pants and lets hit the gym!


90 Days Later....


Well here we are 90 days in, can you believe it? I sure as hell can’t. Today, I’m 18.2lbs lighter with 13.8 more pounds to go. Some how I have managed to go to the gym just about EVERY DAY for 90 days. I say ‘just about’ because I tend to let myself rest on Sundays and focus on taking the dogs for a walk, prepping my turkey patties for the week and you know all the other fun household chores that need to get done. 

In the beginning as you can see from previous post I relied on motivation and competition to keep me going. While I still have my friends and family motivating me along the way, turns out my own progress has turned into my biggest motivator ever! 

I wish I was brave enough to show you the raw progress photos, I take on the 28th of every month. But the reality is, I’m ashamed and I’m not ready to share those photos with you just yet. I am seeing major progress though and maybe once my body is a lot more toned, I’ll share those raw photos with you while I also share a raw photo of me in a SWIM SUIT on the French Riviera (goals). 

Until that day comes later this summer (I hope) I'll let you know what has changed and what has stayed the same. For instance, I’m still using the ‘Lose it’ app to log all of my food and exercise but I’m now also using ‘Myfitness Pal’ to log also. I’m logging on BOTH crazy, I know. The reason I’m doing this is more so because I have a streak going on ‘Lose It’ that I don’t want to lose because I started it first. Also because ‘My fitness pal’ lets me keep better track of my macro nutrients, along with tracking my sugar, sodium, fiber and vitamin intakes. It notifies me when I scan a food if it is going to put me over my sodium intake for the day, or if it’s too high in saturated fat which causes me to think twice on whether or not I’m going to eat the food. Both apps are great apps but if I had to tell you to choose one I would say, go with ‘My Fitness Pal’ also add me on there i'll hold your butt accountable! 


Well, thats my 3 month check in with you all, keep checking back because I have two or three more blog posts coming your way. I will tell you all about what I have been eating just about every day for the last 3 months, and my favorite fitness gadgets I use during my workouts. You’re not going to want to miss those! Also, so many of you have asked me what do I like to wear to the gym and whats my favorite athletic clothes. So I might gather a list of those for you too. Who knew so many people would be interested in me losing weight? Thank you guys!

Remember, It’s all about getting started, once you get started its easy sailing from there. Like I mentioned before, they say it takes 30 days to make something a habit. Once you pass that mark you’ll see your own results and you wont be able to stop.