Forever Fur Everywhere

Let me introduce you to the fluffiest part of my life…

Cooper came into my life when he was only two, and was one of the best things to ever happen to me (aside from honeybun). I remember the very first day I met him at his home up in the mountains of Northern California. He was skeptical of me at first, for sure, wondering who this tall blonde lady is and kept barking as if I was the UPS driver dropping off a package. He was also very jealous, as he wasn’t used to many new visitors. He would jump up on the couch, right between HB and I, making sure he was always the center of attention. After a while he warmed up to me, and even let me steal some kisses. He was such a sweet boy, and I was sad to leave a few days later.

A few months later HB moved to Los Angeles and Coop was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face. Sure, he still barked at me most days I visited, but that’s to be expected while getting used to a new home and city. Even though he barked, I knew he loved when I visited, and he would always want me to chase him around the backyard. I remember the countless nights when I would be back at my home in the South Bay and Honey Bun would send me videos of Coop waiting by the door for me to come home. It broke my heart and little by little I’d begin to go home less because I didn’t like being separated of my guys. The way he wiggles that little butt, and affection he shows every time I come home shows me how genuinely he truly cares. I’m happy to say I became Cooper’s Mom, and I couldn’t be more proud.

If I could describe Cooper to you, I would tell you he is so gentle, quiet and loving and he is my Honey Loaf.  I’ve yet to come across a single person who doesn’t love my little guy. He loves his space but also wants you to know he loves you and greets you with a wiggle butt and kisses every day after work. Sure, my Cooper Tino doesn’t fetch, play at the dog park, or roll over but he has the biggest heart and is super photogenic!! He is a protector, companion, and turns out a great big brother.

            After being Coops mom for over a year, I knew I wanted to have another puppy. I felt as though I missed out on so much of Coop’s early years. I wanted someone to chew my shoes, pee on the floor, and leave little hairballs everywhere; I mean that’s why puppies are fun right? HA. I asked HB if we could get a puppy just about every day and night. It seemed as though the answer was always no. After awhile I began to think a puppy was never going to come. Then on Thanksgiving of 2016, HB saw a photo of Macie on Pepper Tree Aussies of San Diego and I screamed, “ Oh my gosh, can we??” I fell in Love when I saw her red merle spots and cute little snout. Then, after what seemed like the longest eight weeks of my life, I got to pick up my baby girl on December 23, 2016.

            It was a wild ride from the beginning, for me at least. This was my first puppy EVER!! And I was going to take her straight from San Diego and drive eight hours north to be with family for the holidays. I know, we are crazy taking an eight week old puppy on a long road trip but, Macie was the easiest little girl. She slept the whole way to our home in Los Angeles where we had to stop to pick up Cooper before our trek through the Central Valley.

            After a short 2 hour drive we made it home to LA. I went into the backyard to greet Coop while HB brought in Macie. Coop instantly stopped jumping with excitement, running over to look at this new little 8lbs hamster his parents brought home. They sniffed each other for a good 5 minutes and then proceeded to run around the back patio. Macie was all over the place, and Coop was right there with every step. He seemed to like her, and she was just happy to be alive! Nothing cuter than an 8-week-old puppy with no worries in the world. After they settled down a bit, what did we do? You guessed it! We gave them matching Chirstmas collars, reindeer socks, and had a holiday photoshoot with our new family!

            We headed north, Macie slept the entire way, and Coop wondered how something so small could take up the entire back seat. It was quite the Christmas weekend, and a wonderful way to end the year. Macie is now 9 months old, and I got everything I wanted. She’s chewed my shoes, peed on the floor, dug holes in the backyard, and brought so much joy to all of our lives. Coop loves her and gets sad when she goes to work with HB. They wrestle nonstop, and are the perfect pair. Coop has been a great big brother, and Macie has been such a loving little sister. Our little family is complete, and we will forever be covered in fur.

            Just like that my life was changed furever and I wonder how I ever got through life without ever having any dogs. I carry a lint roller in every car, vacuum the couch daily, and am constantly looking for the next best place to take my babies. Now I get to enjoy them, my HB and get endless amounts of sugars from everyone.

Oh yeah, and of course my puppies have their own Instagram account! Go follow them @NoTailsAllowed!