Lyons Lake Life


Macie is a born and raised City girl used to the city parks and beaches of southern California much like her mom. Cooper is used to the mountains, lakes and everything there is to do in the wilderness of Northern California. So anytime we go to his old stomping grounds his entire demeanor changes. He's excited and becomes so talkative. This time was a little different because it was going to be Macie's first time in a lake. So, we decided to go to Lyons Reservoir and bring along Finn (Honey Buns Dad’s dog). Finn is a Border Collie who also has no tail after an accident where his tail got stuck in a fence. Macie and Coop love Finn so it was nice to have him on our adventure.


So many different smells she's going crazy sniffing and pulling on the leash. Coop is pulling the direction right towards the water. Forget the smells he wants to go for a swim. So, we begin the walk, Honey Bun doesn’t want to go to the first water section we see because it tends to get crowded. Meanwhile I was sick and really not up for a hike since I couldn’t breathe, sneezing continuously, and had the runniest nose (gross). There I went though on the 20 minute walk around the lake to find the perfect spot for playing and pictures. I whined the whole way…


When we let them off the leash Cooper ran full speed towards the water and Macie ran right after him. We have to be careful because Macie loves to jump onto Coop when he's swimming, sometimes pushing him under the water with her paws. Finn is a little more skeptical of the lake, he's been once before with just Cooper and us. He doesn’t run full speed to the water, instead he walks on over sniffs around, takes a drink and get his paws in.


Macie has finally mastered “fetching” especially in the water. Anything you throw near or far she cannon balls right into the water and away she goes. Cooper and Finn watch from the beach, but sometimes Macie looses track of what she is looking for and she swims and swims and gives me a little heart attack screaming for her to come back.

Over all the pups enjoyed the lake. They wrestled, fetched, rolled in the pine needles and posed for some good photos!