One Year of Galloway

     Its hard to believe but it’s been one year today since I found my biological dad, David Emory Galloway. January 07, 2017. The day my anxiety was at an all time high, palms sweating, hair a mess sitting on the couch with my honey bun we sent his sister a message. A simple message, one that would change my whole life forever. “Hi Darcy, I had a few questions about David Galloway. Is he your brother?”. 

     Waiting for her response seemed like a lifetime. Is she going to blow me off? Am I jumping the gun? Every thought imaginable was running through my head. My biggest fears; ruining a family, not being accepted, or being ignored. She responded, “why do you ask?” Completely normal considering her brother is no longer here, its been eighteen years, and a random 25 year old on facebook is asking. I admit, I’d even be skeptical.

     So, honey bun and I sat and wrote down a long letter in Word because I didn’t want to accidentally hit send!! I must have stared at that document for a good 15 minutes before saying, “OKAY! SEND IT AAAAAAAH!!!!” Here it goes everything I know in one message. For the first time, I'm showing all of you. 


“I am searching for my biological father, and think it might have been him. I have never known my biological father, and only had a few details about who he was; His name was David. He was in the Marines. He was stationed in Camp Pendleton. He lived off Las Flores Rd. in an apartment. Until yesterday that is all I knew.

I recently took a DNA test to learn more about myself. The results linked me to a young woman who was potentially my 2nd cousin from Oregon, and she was happy to answer a few questions. After sending a couple messages back and forth she was able to give me a name of her Grandmother’s Sister’s son; David Galloway. 

Once I had a last name I was able to research and find out more about David Galloway. Unfortunately that he passed away in 1999, that he was stationed at Camp Pendleton, that he was 28 years old when he passed away, and that he has a loving family that still carries on his memory. 

My mother met my biological father in Tijuana in November 1990. To my knowledge they spent about a week together, and never saw each other again. During that week I was conceived. It is my understanding that my biological father likely didn’t even have any knowledge of my existence. 

I was born in San Diego, and raised in Escondido. I was raised by my mother and father, not knowing he wasn’t my biological father until I was 14 years old, and have been on the search for any answers since then. 

I am not sure if David Galloway is actually my biological father, but this is the closest I have been to getting any answers. I know this is a lot to take in, and I really appreciate any help you can provide. If you do not feel comfortable with this, I completely understand as well.

Thank you so much for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.”

     So, one year later, and an extra DNA test to confirm Darcy and I are truly Aunt/Niece. My journey has come full circle. I’ve been to Oregon twice, met his greatest friends, and  family. Hell, I even went to Arizona for Christmas to meet Zan (my dads ex wife) and one of my brothers (Billy), his two sisters (Kennedy and Kira) and his girlfriend (Bree). My Aunt Darcy even came all the way from Oregon with my cousins Camerson and Stetson and Uncle Duane.

IMG_3573 2.jpg

     To say I was nervous is an understatement. I can’t even describe the type of nerves I had. All I know is even my job interview with the coroners office wasn’t as scary as this moment. I had a TALL drink to calm my nerves and it wasn’t working. Did Saddle Ranch forget to turn on the AC or was I hot from the nerves? Probably both, right? Then, it happened, Honey Bun said, “your brothers here”. I simply pretended I didn’t hear him even though I watched him walk in with my own two eyes (AAAH!!). So he starts making his rounds giving everyone a handshake, and if you know me, I’m a HUGGER. I’m already like I need to prepare to stand up because theres no way I'm giving this guy, my brother a handshake? Well guess what it turned out to be the most awkward handshake/hug that honey bun has ever seen. He wont stop talking about it.. (face palm).

     Then we all sat down, ordered more drinks before happy hour ended, ate some dinner, took some photos and headed across the way to SALT (a bar.) As the drinks were pouring, the nerves were going away and we were able to get to know each other. There was nothing to be afraid of. Nothing to worry about. We were 20-somethings, dealing with the same things, going through this crazy experience together. We were brother and sister, and another piece of this crazy puzzle of life finally found it place. 

It's all in the eyebrows we've been told

It's all in the eyebrows we've been told

     The trip was great. One year after first doing the DNA test, the gift that keeps on giving is doing just that. I reconnected with my Oregon family, and added five members to my new Arizona family. I’m so happy to know that my dad was surrounded by such great people, and that these people have been so accepting of including me in their lives as well.