Opal Creek Hike

Do any of you struggle with making fitness fun and not a chore? I do, too! And that’s why when it comes to fitness I am not the best at coming up with things to do, and in fact more often than not I try to avoid actual fitness such as running, gyms, or classes. I was doing a Zumba class for a few weeks back in June but after catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror more than once I was horrified. A tall 5’11 string-bean with no rhythm. Go ahead, take a few seconds to visualize it. How embarrassing!

One thing I enjoy doing is hiking. Now HB might tell you thats a lie, but don’t believe him. I do really enjoy hiking. So long as the weather is below 75 degrees, there’s lots of shade and water to swim in. Really anything that involves water I'm down to do. So, when my cousin Camerson showed me a photo of Opal Creek in Oregon I jumped at the idea of hiking 8.3 miles to swim in some ice cold water, and take some beautiful photos.

On Monday while in Oregon that is exactly what we did. A group of 11 of us went to Opal Creek determined to hike to the top and capture some beautiful photos. For most of us it was our first time hiking Opal Creek and it was definitely my first time hiking 8.3 miles anywhere haha. Before beginning our trek up the mountain everyone decided the best thing to do was use the restroom and let me tell you that toilet was literally a BLACK HOLE straight down! Scariest toilet I’ve ever seen haha. That shit looked bottomless…. Once everyone was finished we began our walk. A few miles in I found a fidget spinner! I’ve never owned one so I felt super hip haha.


We stop for lunch in the little town of Jawbone Flats. It’s filled with cabins, a little store and a throne perfect for the princess I am haha. It was super cute, and I was told there are some workers who live there year round and some of the cabins are rentals. If you rent a cabin then you don’t have to trek 4 miles to the town, they drive you up (noted for next time).

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Two hours later we made it to the top and it is absolutely beautiful. The water is a clear blue-green and you can see straight through it. There are water falls, little pools and a wooden bridge all surrounded by huge trees shading everything. We decided to walk down through the canyon to Opal Pool and although Cam warned me it was ice cold, I decided to jump in. My body instantly became numb. It was so cold, I lasted all of 30 seconds or less. The water was cold, but the views of the pool were amazing.

After plenty of time for all of us to jump in, only three of us ended up wet. We decided it was time to go check out the natural waterslide at Opal Creek. Cam has really talked it up and I’m ready to bruise my tail bone, hit some rocks and swallow some water. We walk through a small creek and many of us are slipping on the rocks because they are covered in algae. Lucky for me, I wasn’t one of the people who's iPhone took a swim trying to cross the creek. We make it to the slide and I’m watching everyone slide down no problem. Meanwhile, now that we’re here I’m thinking “eh, maybe not such a good idea” but after I see a child do it… I’m like “ok if they can, I can.” Down I go, more than once of course because it was so much fun. I’ll spare you the videos because they’re not cute haha! The water is like two degrees warmer here than up at Opal Pool, so not much of a difference but definitely more fun.


Once we are done swimming we head down the trail, back towards the car. Four milesseem like a lifetime when your legs are so tired, your cold and there is nothing but rocky road (mMmm, ice cream). That is until we see a beautiful water fall that looks straight out of a Windows desktop background. I am in love! It’s the most beautiful pool and waterfall I’ve ever seen. The way the sun hit the water was beautiful. Of the three pools I saw, this was the most beautiful. Opal Creek was the most fun. And Opal Pool was the coldest, but still also gorgeous.


By the time we got back to the car my legs were DEAD. I was basically limping. With both legs. The area where my legs connect to my hips hurt so bad and I knew the next day was going to kill me. But that hike was worth every single sore bone in my body. 

If anyone wants to know the difficulty level of Opal Creek I would rate it like a 3/10. It's very shaded and you basically walk up a very long gravel road for 4 miles. There is some old mining equipment that are neat to look at, a little town and some creeks where you can fill your water bottle if needed. I can’t wait to go back to Oregon and take Honey Bun and our puppies too.