The days of gas station anxiety are over, and the days of EV range anxiety are here….

            I don’t know about you, but in LA the lines at the gas station are always soooo long. Sometimes I drive right passed and say, “I’ll try again later after work” and that’s usually a bad choice. I should always just stop and wait like the rest of the world. But stopping at the gas station for me is not the same as it is for everyone else. I recently started becoming anxious while filling my tank. People at the gas station are not always the nicest and can honestly be just plain rude.

         I drive a Mercedes C300 and it does something weird. Every time I go to fill the tank the pump continuously clicks off. The dealer said it has something to do with suction, but I just think it sucks. I’ve tried to become a master at holding the hose just right, but it never works exactly how it should. Sometimes it clicks and I think, “oh my tank is full” only to climb inside and its barely halfway there (WTF). This can be even more frustrating when there is a long line waiting their turn. One time some asshole yelled, “Come on lady, when it clicks it means it’s DONE!”. That wasn’t the first time someone tried to tell me what to do, or how to do it at the pump. It’s happened more times than I can count and believe me, I KNOW HOW TO PUMP GAS! It’s a recipe for disaster when there’s a long line, my car isn’t working and I haven’t had coffee.           

A few weeks ago HB and I decided both our cars were gaining too many miles and we wanted something to zoom around town in.  It had become a hassle to get in his big truck every time we wanted to run to the store (sometimes 5-6 times a weekend because we never plan anything out). So, Honey Bun began the search. The only thing I wanted was a back-up camera, and maybe some parking sensor so I wouldn’t run over somebodies toe when they are crossing the street like that one time….. Oh nevermind, that’s a story for another day.

            Fast forward to a few weeks ago. After a long search Honey Bun decided on a car he was interested in and it was time to go test drive a BMW i3 REX.  For those of you who are like me, and didn’t know what that was, it’s a BMW electric car with a range extender. My first thought was, “how the hell am I going to fit my 5’11’’ frame into this small car? let alone my honey bun too” (He’s 6’4”. We are giants.). To my surprise, the car was SO SPACIOUS!!!! We had sat in a Fiat 500e and a Mini Countryman before and this car was definitely so much roomier. You would never guess by looking at it. After two days of test driving and a month of researching, we chose one!! It has leather, and carbon fiber, and adaptive cruise control, and a back-up camera, and parking sensors! Everyone’s toes are safe!

            Brolly (what we named the car lol) can go about 140 miles in one trip in Eco Pro mode. That’s with the AC off and speed limited to 55mph. Brolly and Michelle have about 115 miles of range with the AC blasting, a heavy foot and the speed limited only by the laws of physics. Did I mention Brolly is fast?! Like, he’s REALLY fast. Its so much fun to zoom away from stop lights, or blast onto the freeway. He’s so fun to drive. He’s also fun for those people like HB who like to take it easy and watch how efficient they are being…. Oooo look at the battery charge itself while I brake…. Oooo my range is lasting so loonggzzzz zzzzz zzzz…… *snore           

            Now 115 (or even 140) miles might not sound like a lot, but luckily I have a short commute. I drive about 30 miles a day so I don’t ever worry about whether or not I’m going to have enough range to get anywhere. We plug it in every night and its ready to go every morning. It’s like having a full tank of gas to start the day, everyday. I don’t have rude assholes yelling at me at the pumps, and I don’t have to deal with the constant clicking of a faulty gas tank. My gas station anxiety is gone, but I have now been introduced to range anxiety. That constant fear of if I have enough juice to make it to the mall and back home. Road trips are out of the question for now, but we are planning to test the limits soon. Good news is there are chargers everywhere now and more being installed every month. Next week I’ll take it on the longest trip yet to get my hair done in Redondo Beach. I’ll probably need to charge before heading home, but it shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll find a charger, plug it in, grab some lunch, and be on my way.

            All in all we are beyond satisfied with our new BMW i3 Rex and feel like true city people now. Saving the planet, hugging trees. No more burning up dead dinosaur juice. Now, if I could just remember to bring my damn bags into the grocery store….