Smorgasburg LA


Are you a foodie? If so, you’re going to want to try this food festival that happens EVERY SUNDAY at The Row in downtown Los Angeles from 10am-4pm. 

    “Find dozens of exciting food vendors at Smorgasburg LA, plus sophisticated shopping from the realms of design, craft, style, vintage, wellness, and more. Cultural events, pop-ups, and other surprises transform the vast site into a new node in Downtown LA’s burgeoning scene, and a unique destination for the region.”  If you’re vegan or vegetarian there are options for you too. The ‘Cena Vegan’ vendor has lots of tasty options so, don’t be discouraged.

The event is free to attend, parking is free for the first two hours, and there are so many different food options you’re bound to find something you love. Honey Bun and I attended the event two weeks ago and it was beautiful out, so many places to sit, and every vendor accepts cards. I will say that if you go around 10 when they open not all vendors are open but by 11:30 everyone seems to up and running.


What we ate: I had a Spicy Fried Jidori Chicken Bolo Sandwich from the Bolo vendor. What it is: juicy fried Jidori chicken sando with homemade chili spice dust, slaw and hot garlic aioli. Spicy yes, but it won't burn off the roof of your mouth. Think of it as a tasty flavor kick. This sandwich is hands down THE BEST chicken sandwich I’ve ever had in my life. I can’t even! 


Honey bun went with ‘Shrimp Daddy’! It looked delicious too. It was Hawaiian garlic battered shrimp in a pineapple bowl, with a side of rice and creamy pasta salad. The bowl was delicious but it was a complete hassle. The shrimps did not have the shells taken off so I had to sit there and peel them one by one. Let's not forget they were just fried and so HOT that my fingers became numb. In my opinion they should take the damn shells off because if you’re at this festival you don’t have ample amounts of napkins to take the time to peel each and every shrimp. Also, when you’re peeling the shrimp the flavor and season is coming off. Super annoying. however, the rice, salad, and pineapple was yummy!


Lets talk dessert because you didn’t think we were going to leave without eating something sweet. We stopped at the ‘Churro Boss’ and ordered a large box to share with some caramel (cajeta) drizzle and condensed milk (dulce de leche) drizzle. These aren't your ordinary churros, they cut them into bite-sized portions for easy consumption. It was mouthwatering and warm. So many churros and not enough room in our bellies!

Go to Smorgasburg LA, eat, take photos, and enjoy!