Sunnies for Sunny Days


Lets talk about one of my most favorite things. Something I’ve spent so much money on that I’m not even allowed to THINK about buying anymore for a longggggg time. I have so many I can’t even find the time or energy to wear half of them. Every time I go into the store I’m instantly gravitated towards them…. SUNGLASSES!!!

Let me tell you, if there is a ‘sunglasses anonymous’ I need to join because I’m always browsing for by next pair. I have many different brands ranging from more affordable like Tory Burch and Quay to some on the pricier side like Dior and Céline. 


I’d like to say I love them all equally but that is not true whatsoever, because I clearly wear some more than others. I will say my more expensive ones are my absolute favorites but I only bring them out for special occasions or when I feel they need love. Why? Because it’s a hassle for me to go digging around my big box for what pair I want to wear when I already have a pair in the truck or car. 


Below is a short list of some of my favorites, that I hope will fall in love with, too.


Dior Reflective in dark grey, These sunglasses are perfect for every day and are dark enough that people can't see your eyes. They are also slightly reflective. Reflective glasses are my staple. I personally don't wear them everyday because I don't want my dogs licking them. 

Dior Abstract in Havana Blue Mirror, These Dior glasses are super neat because the reflection is not like any other reflection. Every time I wear them it trips people out. I would recommend if you decide to purchase this pair you take very good care of them because the lenses can scratch easily and any imperfections are very visible. I absolutely love this pair and wear them on special occasions and take very good care of them. 

Tory Burch Ty6032, My everyday glasses for sure. I wear them to the dog park, to work, and the beach. If the dogs lick them or touch them it's not a big deal because they are easily replaceable and they aren't so expensive. The weight and comfort are great. I did have to adjust the nose pieces to finally make it the perfect fit, but now I can wear them all day, every day. 

Jimmy Choo Ally, These have a little cat eye but not too much. Just enough to add some style. They can be worn with almost anything. Very classic and chic. They are pretty dark so if you're someone who loves dark lenses this is a good choice for you.

Quay My Girl, I searched high and low for these and it seemed like every store was sold out but HB came through. These are not so wild like the super girls and really can be worn every day. They also have a brown hue to them which I wasn't expecting but it doesn't bother me. I love the blue reflective lens.

Quay Super Girl, Quay makes very edgy and fun sunglasses and I ordered these when they first came out in Gold. Ive worn them a handful of times. I think these really depend on the outfit you throw them together with because otherwise they are pretty out there. They are comfortable have a brown hue to them and also, reflective!


I’ve provided a link to each and every pair. I like how sturdy all of these sunglasses are. They don’t feel cheap, they come in great cases and many of them are super affordable. As always, everyone has different preferences. Some that work for me might not work for you. Whenever possible, try them on in the store to see which size and shape works with your face.