Vancouver B.C.


    Well I said it before and I’ll say it again, My favorite time of year is when Honey Bun takes me somewhere on an airplane. Near or far I’ve come to realize I really enjoy flying. I don’t know why because being a tall woman, I have no leg room, airports are stressful and theres no service. So, for my 26th birthday this year he took me on a surprise trip to Vancouver B.C and I absolutely loved it. It was a very different experience from our trip to Maui last year. You can’t even compare the two actually.


    We stayed at the Fairmont Pacific Rim and it was absolutely gorgeous. The staff was excellent. The view was great. We overlooked the harbor and Canada Place and they even provided free BMW bikes to ride around town or Stanley island, which we took advantage of on Saturday morning. The restaurants in the hotel were the Raw Bar and the Botanist. The Botanist was so delicious, we went for breakfast and the way they designed the entire place was really beautiful. It was literally the exact way I would design my home, blog, everything. It was riddled with pastel blues, pastel pinks, tans and greens. It was like I died and went to heaven.


We decided this time around on vacation not to bombard ourselves with activities and instead play it by ear (I'm a planner ‘playing it by ear’ is NOT my thing). However, it worked great because on my birthday I really wasn’t feeling up to much, I wanted to explore, eat good food and relax (nap). So, we strolled around the city went into beautiful stores and ate at The Cactus Club which you will learn all about in my next post about Vancouver food (we ate there every day).

Everyone in Vancouver was so friendly, there were so many different nationalities and you could hear so many languages it was beautiful. It was like a big melting pot. I can’t get over how they say, SOOREY (sorry) and Eh. These people and I talk very similarly haha. Vancouver has turned out to be a place I never knew I loved and I cannot wait to go back because guess what?